Massive Wagons Official Tab Book: Volume 1
  • Massive Wagons Official Tab Book: Volume 1

    12 songs and over 80 pages of tablature make the very first Official Massive Wagons Tab Book!


    Transcribed by Adam from Massive Wagons (me...) these tabs are my parts for the following songs, ranging from Fire It Up (2012) to House Of Noise (2020).  


    Ride On
    Rising Tides

    Red Dress


    The Day We Fell


    Under No Illusion

    China Plates

    Last On The List

    Bangin In Your Stereo

    House Of Noise



    Suitable from total beginner (e.g Aeroplane) to more experienced players (e.g Pressure), this book was written for simplicity in mind.  With durable pages packed into a quality ringbinder, this book is easy to lay flat and will not get scuffed or creased with repeated use.  

    If you'd like a personal message in the rear blank pages, please let me know in the designated box.


    Cover photo by Michael Bruce, for MB Photography Scotland

    Check out his excellent work HERE